Hello! I am Tânavar, GM of Crusaders of Wrynn and a long time RPer. I was given this site to look at a few pages by my friend, Therapon, and have become mildly loving it. I like to write these stories for characters in my area, or others I can't even play such as Lavastone the Hacker (See Moon Guard Wiki). I am great at writing, so if you give me an idea, I can get a page here on it for you.

If you have any questions feel free to message me in-game or right here on my message wall. I will be putting my Btag and Character Name below with my ALT number

Battle-Tag: Jump#1865

Character Name: T(ALT 131)navar

Alts 1. Tânavar (Highlord Tanavar Lightpath) 2.Joelmanton (Triple J and Joelmanton Onehat)

(( Others coming soon, ))

Guild Stuff

I am the GM of Crusaders of Wrynn, and am a great gamer. I know most trolls like to troll me and my guildies, so guys if you're a troll... I don't care about being trolled, it happens all the time. If you want to join my guild, talk to a Officer today, good luck inside the game!

My favorite pages

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