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Characters by Tsteelmane:

Tarlach Steelmane (Male): Close friend of Baine Bloodhoof, son of Rilken Steelmane, grandson of Kalan Steelmane. A hunter, living simply in Bloodhoof Village with Sierra Steelmane. Fathers Shale Steelmane at the end of one future story. Tarlach Steelmane

Sierra Stormcall (Female): Tarlach Steelmane's love interest, daughter of Kildare Stormcall, and eventual mother of Shale Steelmane

Kildare Stormcall (male): Aging father of Sierra Steelmane, Shaman-caste.

Brasu Copperleaf (male): A druid, and friend of Tarlach Steelmane. A student of Kildare Stormcall, Brasu is unusually proficient in his skill for his age, though barely past adolescence.

Akuna Harsheye (male, story-specific): From Camp Taurajo, a trusted friend of Baine Bloodhoof. Sour disposition, warrior caste, known for having a brilliant strategic mind.

Other Characters Magurim Grimtotem - Grimtotem Tauren (male) Shale Steelmane - Tauren (male, Tarlach's son) Rilken Steelmane - Tauren (male, Tarlach's father) Kalan Steelmane - Tauren (male, Tarlach's grandfather, the first to be called "Steelmane") Akelah Plainswalker - Tauren (male) Leiara Proudhorn - Tauren (female) Ehane Windspear - Tauren (male) Eytan Windfire - Tauren (male) Ganshe Whitefeather - Tauren (female) Tiegren Duskmantle - haven't figured this one out yet


Tarlach -- This unofficial story is incomplete, but I've already written a fair bit. Introduces my character, Tarlach Steelmane, and begins with a dangerous quest to carry an important parcel to Thunder Bluff, a quest which takes Tarlach and his companions straight into Chief Cairne Bloodhoof's chambers. Later, tormented by strange dreams of his father who vanished when he was young, Tarlach embarks on a journey to find out who Rilken Steelmane really was. It's a journey that will change his life. Tarlach

A Grim Resolve -- Haven't even started this one yet. When Cairne Bloodhoof dies, his son Baine is the likely heir. However, in this unofficial story, Cairne's rival Magatha Grimtotem has other plans. In a coup that turns bloody, the Grimtotem Tauren take over Thunder Bluff. Fearing he will be captured and killed, Baine leaves Mulgore with a group of those who remain loyal to the Bloodhoof clan. In the southern Barrens, Baine builds a resistance force and plans to reclaim the place that is rightfully his, proving once and for all that he is worthy of the headdress of the Tauren Chief. I'm still trying to think of a better title. Grim Resolve, A

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