Raven and Jadiz at level 10

A week ago I made a realy hard desistion. As my wife's main (a lvl 38 rogue) was not working at all for her we chose to delete and recreat Jadiz and Ravenblade. Raven was lvl 55...
There for I will now be taking a scream shot every time they pass a ten level mark. Starting now at lvl 10.
I had not lvled low lvls that much lately, and I was stuned by how fast Raven and Jadiz went from a pair of week lvl 1s to a pair of littel less week lvl 10th. Right now there borth lvl 11 and are just about to go troll hunting.
I'll post a new blog about this when they hit lvl 20.
Burgrsch Demonvoice 06:38, March 17, 2010 (UTC)

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