Raven and Jadiz at level 30 (Luna felt a bite camra shy and did not want to be in this picture)

And so I and Jadiz became lvl 30.

Our way here was filled whit dungounering, quests and she screming "Flower!" and me screaming "Ore!". It's intresting how littel we used our mounts. Only now and again when we needed to go a cross the zone or enter a new zone for the first time did we use them at all.

Most of the time we used a well used and whery effectiv method of traveling/leveling. The most beloved walk and kill method, meaning that we walked and killed any and all mods in our path.

As for the dungouns we have come have oppinions on tanks and healers. And, to me atleast, the strength's and weaknesses of our classes are becoming aparent.

Hunters have fast attack's and coupeld whit Lunas attack's I hardly ever get to cast more then 2-3 spells on any mod befor it falls to the ground dead. Mage's on the other hand have slow attack's but they deal more damage. In other words, there are next to no mods that can stand against a mage and hunter working as a team for long.

Now we are on our way to level 40. The highest my wife have ever goten a char... And at level 30 we are geting to the cool spells and talents ^^

All level 30 mage's are realy Cool dudes ^^

--Burgrsch Demonvoice 10:14, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

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