Greetings one and all!

In this my first blog post I'll put a few thughts about WoWRP. And look back on the things I have created on this site those far.

Frist of: I would like to thank everyone whom have ever helped me whit my spelling. It feels good to know that you think my work would be some of the best on this site... If my spelling was a bite better.

Second of: I got to ask myself, why don't we have a more orginsied blog page? (Not to self, ask our lovely adims about it and see if I can't creat something to do whit blogs...)

Now to the main thing. The stuff I am proud to be the creater of.

Whit this blog post I will have made 726 edits. Many of them are minor in size, but big in importans I think.

I am however most proud of Ximrana. A artical that was made a featured article, I do not know why Xim was chosen from all the things I created. But I am happy she was.

Her story is one of my best and most intresting I think. It's realy a shame that I don't play or role play her that often.

Here follows a short list of other things I feel rather proud about creating:

Thats it for now... And If you think that I talked to much about me and not enough about you, then make your own Blog Post and put the spot light  on your stuff.

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