It's been a bite more then a month seans I plave WoW last.

In that time many things have happend in my IRLife, as well as my gaming life. One of the first things I did was try a play-for-free mmo called Allods online... It was pure and total crap...

Ok, not total crap. But it had all the worst things in WoW in it pluse the lack of an atomaik attack system. All the quest where exacly the same: "Go here and Kill/Gather/Talk to that X numbers of times and report back to Q"

XP was gathers in slow motion. The highest I ever got a char was lvl 8 (or was it 9?). And then I got feed up whit it and uninstalled the f***ing thing.

Now I am playing Overlord. I whise I had Overlord 2 but I don't. And seing as I am low on chase I don't see myself geting it anytime soon.

As for missing WoW?

Not as much as one would think. In my experiens it's hard at first, then it becomes easyer and then one day (which I have pased longa ago now) you don't even think about it.

Exept when you do things like this... Wrighting a blog on your break whit WoW or read WoW comic books... But it's not a longing or need, that I can feel when I am in a WoW playing period. More like a sort of curiasety: -Are things the way I leaft them? -How many Marks of Valor did I have? -How much work would it take to get a heirlome or two? -Have my English goten wors?

But in the end, I think it also gives you time to reflect on what it is you realy want out of your game-time. We sould all take a break now and again.

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