If anyone has been following this they know that my one mounth break has become a bite longer that that... This is mostly do to a lack of funds, but also becose... Well... When you are away from WoW long enough you stop to miss it.

Don't get me wrong I am looking forward to starting up a RP project that may or may not end i me and a few ppl making a new RP guild. But I am also looking forward to geting Starcraft 2 and completing Overlord... Tho it realy sould not have taken me all summer to do that...

But I am a casual gamer, and thos a bite slow.

In anycase i suspect I will be playing WoW again soon. Maybe even this weekend... or next week, it all depends on when/if I get the money!

--Burgrsch Demonvoice 06:30, August 26, 2010 (UTC)

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