Guild [[Mistrunner Tribe]]
Gender Male
Race Tauren
Class Druid
Faction Horde

Vúlpius is an Elder in the Mistrunner tribe but has currently gone to sleep in the Barrow Dens to enter the Emerald Dream promicing to return 'within a few years'.

Vúlpius is an old bull with a grey coat who has been around for so many years, he can sometimes be rather confusing to talk to as his mind wanders. After rising to chieftian in the tribe, he urged the tribe to re-kindle the old ways of the Earthmother and peace that the tribe had been straying from. After a time, he passed his mantle onto Haagen to run the tribe, but still acts as a father figure to most of the Aonahe.

Vúlpius' view of the world is an all embracing one, and always looks at the bigger picture, though this can aggravate some of his close friends they know he is trying to do what is best for everybody

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