The Vanguard of Dusk is a roleplaying guild on the Moonglade (EU) server.

The Vanguard of Dusk is a Blood Elf crafting organisation. We try to explore all crafts and professions other Horde races have, and compare their methods with ours. Thereby we improve our methods of craftmanship so that their quality and speed increase.

It is also understood that members might, in their travels, gain information that might be useful to someone, or just somewhat strange. In that case, it would be good to contact a higher ranked member of the guild and deliver the information.

Since we are the first (or second) to go away from our lands, and travel as far as we can, we have a duty to gather information about any possible threats to and interests of Prince Kael'thas and Regent-Lord Lor'Themar Theron.

Basic OOC Information

We are a Blood Elf-only Roleplaying guild.

We want our guild to have a friendly, non-elitist, family atmosphere, where people know and help each other (and you can make sure that you will find help in return).

We expect our members to be Roleplayers and respect the server's rules. However we don't set out elitist rules of what RP should be like.

Some of us have many years of experience of playing pen and paper RPGs, others are beginners. All that matters is that you make an effort.

Our guild chat is IC but we have a separate channel for all OOC talk (which we share with our "sister" Tauren guild, Clan of the Risen Sun).

We don't make any specific class, level or talent build demands. We definitely would like to do raiding and "endgame" eventually, but as long as it remains fun. WOW is never supposed to become our second job.

Our members' experience ranges from the early stages all the way up to maximum level, so whatever stage of your training you are at, you should find others to adventure with.

We would like to be part of the already vibrant Moonglade RP community, by engaging in, and helping to promote role-playing.

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