Veriasin Twoblades
Veriasin Twoblades
Guild Blood Blade Clan
Gender Female
Race Orc
Class Warrior
Faction Horde


Duagther to the Blood Blade Clans strongest warrior Thricartus Talbukhorn. The might Talbukhorn was second only the the cheiftan and did not like the idea of his kin mingeling whit the son of a peon. Thos he forbad his duagther from seeing the young Burgrsch, so of corse they did meet rather often.

When they came of age Talbukhorn's resentment was lessend by the fact that her beloved had became a young shaman of the clan. And after much nagging and reqvests he let the two mate. There union created a strong bond betwen the finest warrior family of the clan and the most powerfull shaman family of the clan.

Sortly befor the start of the Dreanor war Veriasin gave birth to a duagther. She was namned Drugima and was to grow up under the war and lurnt the dark path of the warrior. A number of years later a son was born, he was namned Rubgrsch. A fiting namn as it means "pain" in the old dilect of the Blood Blades.

To Burgrsch horror both his beloved Twoblades and Drugima died in a human ambush at the begining of the first war.


Thricartus Talbukhorn - Father
Master Burgrsch Demonvoice - Mate
Drugima - Daughter, dead seens the first war
Rubgrsch - Son, eldest alive
Cergias of the Bleading Hollow Clan - Daugther in-law, mother of Oga, dead and her spirit has been taken by the Lich King
Oga - Grand daughter, she is mated and has two sons and one daughter. Daughter of Rubgrsch
Gruark the Artcher - Ogas mate
Splictor Firehair - Father-in-law died before the Dreanor war
Nectura Wildspirit - Mother-in-law


“ And your a shaman! Is it so easy to blind you!” To Burgrsch at there mating hunt.


It just hit me that even tho she is called "Twoblades" I have made a image of her where she only has one blade.

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