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Vital statistics
Title Wanderer
Gender Male
Race Green drake
Faction Alliance
Class Monk
Profession Inscription
Status Alive
Location Various

General Information

Driven by curiosity and fascinated by the web of Life in the mortal realm, Veridius was the youngest son of Ysera and a promising green drake, who abandoned his duty in the Emerald Dream and wandered about Azeroth, eventually arrived at the Vale of Eternal Blossom and learned from the August Celestials and monks from the Peak of Serenity. Convinced that his own choice of leaving the Dream had ultimately led to the corruption and death of his mother, Veridius now struggled to find balance with the gilt and anger in his heart.


Wandering Azeroth

All members of the green dragonflight loved the nature, for it was their duty to protect nature and the Emerald Dream. A promising young drake and the youngest son of Ysera, Veridius was tasked by the Aspect herself to tending a small grove in the Dream in order to observe the chain of Life. Veridius was naturally intrigued by how lives were supported by each other and under the Green Aspect's tutelage, learned that together in harmony, lives could blossom in ways that individuals could not.

Before long, the perpetual summer of the Dream could no longer sate Veridius' curiosity, for Life was a not all about flourish and sprout. Veridius finally decided to leave to Dream to learn more about the cycle of Life in the mortal realm, and started wandering about Azeroth in the guise of a Night Elf.

During his travel, Veridius observed how the mortals coped with the nature in their lives: growing crops, hunting quarries to feed themselves, while at the same time being preyed upon by beasts and nourishing the wilds with they own lives. Life thrived differently on Azeroth, and unlike the Dream, the world was battered by countless wars. The web of Life was seemingly all the same but more complicated with the addition of mortals in the equation. He would inscribe his journey and experience onto parchments and keep logs.

Knowledge Hidden in the Mists

While hadn't meddled with mortal conflicts before, Veridius was drawn to the continent of Pandaria when the Mist was lifted. The strong influence of Life in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms intrigued Veridius, and the August Celestials who actively worked with the mortal races displayed a path that he had not thought of. Overlapping the motherly figure of the Jade Serpent with the Green Aspect, Veridius revealed his identity to Yu'lon and began his studies in the Temple of the Jade Serpent. Yu'lon and the monks taught Veridius how to harness one's Life energy - Chi, strengthening his physical might and, by weaving Chi into mists, healing the wounded. Recognizing the similarities between Chi and the Green Dragonflight's magic, both deriving from the force of Life, Veridius invented skills that weaved his breath into Noxious Mist to tranquilize adversaries, and hurling projectiles made of condensed mists such as Mist Arrows to damage opponents. The monks also taught Veridius the importance of balance between the Tushui and Huojin, two primary philosophies of the monks, and between nature and humanity, between Life and Death.

During his stay at the Temple of the Jade Serpent, the Sha of Doubt assaulted the temple and corrupted some of the inhabitants. Although he had heard of his kin being corrupted by the Nightmare before, this was the first time Veridius witnessed the corruption of Void. After the defeat of the Sha, Veridius journeyed to various temples in Pandaria to continue his journey of seeking wisdom.

The Third Invasion

Veridius helped with the evacuation of the Peak of Serenity when the Legion attacked during the Third Invasion. He followed the monks to the Wandering Isle. It was all but too late when Veridius learned about the conflict took place in Val'sharah. When Veridius reached the Temple of Elune, all he could find was a lone verdant stem, shaping like a green claw stretching out for help. This was when Veridius realized he had neglected his duty to the Dragonflight for so long, all the chances he could have aided his brethren forgone for his own interest. Now his own mother had fallen. Heavily shaken by gilt, Veridius joined a group of adventurers and ventured into the Emerald Nightmare. Lessons of mental strength and meditations from the monks shielded him from the influence of the Nightmare, but with each step deeper into the Nightmare, more grief took root in his heart. With the defeat of Il'gynoth and the Nightmare Lord Xavius, the Dream was finally cleansed from the corruption of the Nightmare. Veridius remained in the Dream and pondered on what path should he be taking beside the Void-touched flower for a few months, struggling to cope with the pain and grief.

Veridius tried to reconcile with his sister Merithra in the Dream, with the latter saying that he had to display his will in defending all of nature against corruption and destruction. Life would toil to endure, so would him. With new found resolve, Veridius joined the Argus Campaign. Veridius was among the adventurers who accompanied Alleria Windrunner and Locus-Walker in their quest to retrieve the Crest of Knowledge from the Seat of the Triumvirate. Seeing Alleria as an example and with his own experience in resisting the Nightmare's corruption, he was convinced that with enough knowledge, the Void could be utilized in the preservation of nature and Life. Veridius returned to Azeroth after the defeat of Sageras.

Learning the Nightmare

Now disguising as a Void Elf, Veridius spent some time in Telogrus Rift and trained under the mentor-ship of the Void Elves Alleria Windrunner and Magister Umbric. With his new understanding on the Void, Veridius set off to an expedition to understand more about the Nightmare, how it had festered and damaged, believing the knowledge could be used to cleanse nature invaded by the Void. Veridius first traveled to the Sunken Temple in the Swamp of Sorrows. Deep inside the temple, Veridius found the remains of his corrupted brethren and a sword lingering with the Green Dragonflight magic, the Dragon's Call. The magic resided in the sword amplified his magic and mists, and he decided to carry the sword with him on his quest. At around the same time as Veridius completed his search in the Sunken Temple, the War of Thorns had concluded.

Ashes of Teldrassil

Disturbed by the drastic loss of lives due to the Burning of Teldrassil and thinking the Horde must answer for such transgression against Life itself, Veridius' expedition was cut short and he enlisted in the Alliance war effort, sailing to Kul Tiras. Veridius met a Night Elf huntress in the 7th Legion and they became companions for various adventures. One day the two caught wind of Horde troops invading the land of Drustvar, and traveled to the Crimson Forest to assist the defense. After dispatching the invaders, Veridius discovered a tree touched by the Nightmare, Gol Inath, in the forest. Once thought to be eradicated, the Nightmare still survived in some form, like the Blighted Lands Thros. Veridius remained in Drustvar to learn more about the Drust. He also located the Thornspeakers in Ulfar's Den, who told him that the magic wielded by the Drust was the magic of Death, the direct opposite of the Dream. Veridius was puzzled by the origins of the Drust, a force of Death, and their relation to the Nightmare, a hideous corruption by the Void.

When N'Zoth was broken free from his prison and assaulted the land of Pandaria, Veridius left for the Vale of Eternal Blossom, the place he felt linked to during his training days. He fended off the infestation of the Old God's minions and stroke at the Waking City with the bearer of the Heart of Azeroth. He stayed in the Vale to cleanse the Void corruption after N'Zoth was slain. Veridius also conversed with Yu'lon about his failure, a hole that he felt can no longer be filed.

Into the Shadowlands

Veridius heeded the call of the Ebon Blade and found the broken helm alongside with the Highlord on top of Icecrown Citadel. Atop the cursed throne, Veridius came across with the Night Elf huntress he met back in Kul Tiras. From her, Veridius learnt that the faction leaders were abducted and brought to a plane beyond. They worked together with the Death Knights to open a way to the Shadowlands and crossed the Veil. Veridius, the huntress and Darion Mograine found themselves in the Maw. The party tried to rescue the abducted leaders but ultimately only Veridius and the huntress were able to escape from the clutches of the Jailer to the Eternal City, Oribos.

Aiding the Covenants

Under the guidance of Tal-Inara in Oribos, Veridius and the huntress set off to unfold what was transpiring in the Shadowlands. Being told the winged Mawsworn they had met in the Maw resembled the Kyrians, they were sent to Bastion to learn more about their assailants. In Bastion, the party started to visualize the impact of the Anima Drought on the realm and helped to stop the rebellion of the Forsworn. An assault by a Maldraxxi Necropolis on the Temple of Courage urged the party to report to Oribos and journey to Maldraxxus to investigate the force behind the assault.

Veridius was stunned by how the resident souls in Maldraxxus "live". Even in the afterlife, they were still in constant conflict and war, still pursuing the "glory" in the end of combat. Veridius assisted the huntress in reforging the runeblade left by the Primus. After spending more time with the souls in Maldraxxus and restoring the runes on the blade, Veridius started wondering where do ambition, guile, might, insight and the relentless pursuit of victory will ultimately lead for one's existence; and the true purpose of seeking balance in Life with his new-learnt knowledge of the afterlife. After rescuing Alexandros Mograine from the Maw, Veridius and the huntress confronted the treacherous baron of the House of the Chosen. During the battle with Vyraz, Dragon's Call was shattered. Veridius was only able to retrieve the hilt and a few pieces of the blade before retreating to the Seat of the Primus. The party received the message of Primus and delivered it to Oribos.

Ysera, Awakened

As instructed by the Voice of the Arbiter, Veridius and the huntress traveled to Ardenweald to inform the Winter Queen about Primus' message. When the party arrived at the Tranquil Pools after providing aid to the Night Fae, they met Dreamweaver, who was tending to the wildseeds in the pools, including a special dreaming seed. Veridius immediately recognized the spirit slumbering inside the seed, his own mother Ysera, and was overtaken by grief. Veridius revealed his identity to the huntress and explained how important it was for him to save Ysera's spirit; a second chance for him to redeem himself. The huntress agreed to help however she could in saving the Dreamer. They fought against Nightmare manifestations, the Drust, and collected anima from Tirna Noch in an attempt of a ritual to sooth the dreaming seed. By infusing anima into the dreamshines around the Hibernal Hollow, the party glimpsed into Ysera's dream and relived her final moment. Ysera's nightmare was also the worst torment for Veridius, the greatest failure and regret in his life: not being there for his own mother which led to her demise.

"Not again!" Veridius furiously dispatched the Drust aggressor during their counterattack on the Hollow, impaling and poisoning them with Mist Arrows he conjured. When Lady Moonberry told Veridius they were losing Ysera after the battle, he almost broke. The last hope in saving Ysera was to seek the audience with the Winter Queen herself, through the Path of Rebirth and into the Grove of Awakening. The Winter Queen finally agreed on saving Ysera and imbued the seed with anima; the Dreamer was awakened, now bound to Ardenweald. At the sight of the restored Aspect, Veridius fell to his knees and cried silently; a ray of hope shone on his road of redemption and seeking inner peace.

Although overjoyed by the awakening of Ysera, Veridius could not get himself to face her and therefore followed the Winter Queen to the Heart of the Forest alongside the huntress instead. They were tasked by the Queen to traverse to Revendreth to request anima from the Sire. Still undetermined how to approach Ysera and believing the binding of the Jailer was more urgent than his own turmoil, Veridius set off to Revendreth with the huntress at once.

The Sire's Betrayal

Upon arriving at Revendreth, the party was greeted by the aloof Lord Chamberlain and met with Sire Denathrius in person, but not before clearing some obstacles. The Sire required the party to provide aid with the ongoing rebellion problem the Venthyr were experiencing in exchange for the anima the party requested. Veridius and the huntress found the Sire's reply dubious, thinking that reinforcing the Jailer's chains would be the top priority of all of Shadowlands; however, they had no choice but to comply. The party helped capturing the rebellious Accuser and her ensuing punishment degreed by the Sire. It was when the Accuser revealed the truth of Sire Denathrius inside Castle Nathria: The Sire had betrayed all of Shadowlands and was in league with the Jailer.

Veridius and the huntress then assisted the rebellion in rescuing their leader Prince Renethal from the Maw and joined their assault on Castle Nathria. The assault failed and Prince Renethal was defeated by Sire Denathrius. Veridius watched as hoard of anima being funneled into the Maw, while the Sire dissolving into smoke.

Joining the Necrolords

After reporting what transpired in Revendreth to Tal-Inara in Oribos, the Eternal Ones called a meeting with the Voice of the Arbiter and announced that each mortal was required to join a covenant to bolster them. The huntress urged Veridius to join the Night Fae and try to reconcile with Ysera. After a lengthy consideration and meditation, Veridius found himself still unable to face Ysera at the moment, her once green eyes now blue, signifying her bounding to the realm of Death and a reminder of Veridius selfish decision. He and the huntress parted ways as the huntress joined the Night Fae and he decided to align himself with the Necrolords; to continue his quest of finding balance between conflict and peace, between Life and Death, and more importantly delaying the eventual reunion with Ysera.

Undying Resolve of the Maldraxxi

The Necrolords welcomed Veridius into their ranks and shared a portion of their power to him. At first, the covenant seemed misfitting for Veridius; but he accustomed with the grit and brutalness of the Maldraxxi readily. After all, there was always something to learn.

The first thing Veridius learned was the determination of the Maldraxxi. Maldraxxus was a place that rewards those who were self-driven; not even Death had stopped these souls. Setting up an ambitious goal, planning ahead with insights, executing the plan with physical might and cunning guile, and pursuing said goal relentlessly. This was the Maldraxxi way, and the answer to Veridius' question about the purpose of the cycle of Life and Death: self-actualization. No true ambition could be realized easily, and the Necrolords had eternity on their side. They honed and perfected their skills, and pursued. The warriors and soldiers forged by such fierce determination had a sacred duty: to defend the entirety of the Shadowlands. However, the treacherous Houses had now defied their purposes and begun their conquest of the plane they once vowed to protect. Veridius understood the consequences of abandoning responsibilities with his own painful loss and the damage it had done to others. Desires that were sated by injustice actions were no ambitions, they were merely one's greed; and there was no honor in being slaves of avarice. Veridius would assist the covenant in regaining their power and uniting the now-warring Houses under the banner of Primus once again, determined to actualizing his ideals and ambition, to uphold honor and preserve dignity of all souls. One might ask what lies next when one actualized and achieved their goal, Veridius's answer was to pursue the next, for Life and Undeath was the endless journey of seeking.

The second thing Veridius learned was necrotic magic, the opposite of the magic wielded by Emerald Dragons, yet similar in the sense that they were both powers anchoring souls to flesh. The newly acquired aptitude of necromancy turned Veridius' mists myrtle green. Veridius combined what he had learnt throughout his adventures, and developed a new technique that dislodges positive chi from enemies with his conjured projectiles and jabs, damaging them and also weaving the dislodged chi into mists to rejuvenating allies, the Myrtle Claw that crush those who betrayed their solemn duty to the Shadowlands. With the help from Bonesmith Heimir, Veridius also reforged the broken hilt and shards of Dragon's Call into a gauntlet, but not before collecting a few Uplifting Emeralds from the Emerald Dream. The emeralds were milled into Dream Pigment and was used to create Dream Ink. Veridius utilized the magical ink to inscribe the Rune of Endurance onto the gauntlet, completing the craft of the runegauntlet Dragon's Fortitude. The runegauntlet channelled his Life and Death magic into dense mists that shield him and his allies from attacks, the Myrtle Scales protecting those who endured and upheld their oath.

Veridius accompanied the huntress, mortals from other covenants and the Sinfall Rebellion in their raid on Castle Nathria.

The Purpose, Served be continued........


  • Vivify — Causes a surge of invigorating mists, healing the target for 150% of Spell power
  • Mist Arrow — A powerful aimed shot using bow and arrow conjured with mists that deals 188% of Attack power Natural damage.
  • Myrtle Scales — Surrounds the target with healing mists, restoring 506% of Spell power health over 25 sec. If Myrtle Scales heals a target past maximum health, it will leave a cocoon of Chi that absorbs damage equals to 50% of the remaining heal and travel to another injured ally within 20 yds.
  • Myrtle Claw — Expels life force from the target and deals 282% of Attack power Natural damage over 5 sec, and heals an injured ally within 20 yards for the damage done.
  • Corrosive Breath — Reduces armor by 30% and inflicts 225% of Attack Power Nature damage for 5 sec to enemies.



Other Information

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