Guild Unguilded
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Warrior
Faction Horde

General Information


Voshnak is the quieter of the two brothers. He is calm and calculative, but does not hesitate putting his life into danger. He is highly protective of his allies and especially his brother, Galthak. Although he was deeply afflicted by the lethargy, he has now been filled with newfound optimism and embraces the opportunity to build a better future for the Horde.


Born a few years before the First War, Voshnak and his younger brother Galthak were brought to Azeroth with their parents to farm the recently conquered land. At the age of 15, Voshnak enlisted in the Horde infantry. He served honorably for many years, and became known for keeping his wits even in fierce combat. He was eventually promoted to a Sergeant. When he was not in the front lines, he had to constantly keep his younger brother Galthak out of trouble.

At the end of the Second War, Voshnak's unit was surrounded and captured. His unit was dissolved and sent to different camps. Voshnak was deeply afflicted by the lethargy and became disillusioned about the goals of the Old Horde. Fortunately his brother had also been captured and was sent to the same camp.

When the Frostwolf and Warsong clans liberated their camp, the brothers joined the New Horde and eventually travelled to Kalimdor. Voshnak continues to serve Thrall to this day.

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