W-PVP interested guilds, Defias Brotherhood'

The following is a list of guild that has an outspoken and active interest in participating in W-PVP events.

Please notice that OOC or bad sportsmanship, such as intentional reskilling or cc:ing, will get your guild off this list


Angry Mob

The Bloodwatch Legion, The Covenant

Deaths Embrace, The Covenant

Orcs of the Red Blade, The Covenant

The Old Lordaeron, The Covenant,

Sin Belore

Sixty Thiefs

Thirteenth Regiment

Quel Sin

Left to sort in

[b]The Raven Council[/b], Alliance Forum: Or talk to any of our officers online (Zarhan would be best as he's guild Lore-keeper). 156 Members, 25 at 70

[b]The Order of Natures Grasp[/b], Alliance Forum: Or talk to any of Ivellion Moonrain, Kathene Wildstar, Eavya Morninglight and Jondalar 59 Night Elfs, 11 at 70

[b]Keepers of Mrakness[/b], Alliance Forum: Or talk to Kifla 55 Members, 45 at 70

[b]The Shining Strand[/b], The Grand Alliance, Alliance Forum: Or talk to Lini, Alyssya, Zylo, Chrystan or ask any member for directions. 131 members, 36 at 70

[b]Bloodline[/b], Alliance Forum: ? Or talk to: Ezael 48 Members, 2 at 70

[b]Veneratio Aeterna[/b]; Alliance Forum: ? Or talk to : Wolfcradle, Valeo, Cadeyrn, Ashel or Shamyrra 87 Members, 29 at 70

[b]The Twilight Guard[/b], The Grand Alliance, Alliance Forum: Or talk to: Maxus, or any other member for directions. 139 Members, 55 at 70

[b]The Exodus[/b], Alliance Forum: Or talk to: Narazen or Exaythe 27 Draenei, 1 at 70

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