World's End is a forum roleplaying setting, created by Aliandra. While set in the world of Azeroth, World's End is set thirty years in the future, and takes a look at what could happen if the world of Azeroth as we knew it was destroyed.

All the lore and information that follows should be considered NON-CANON, as this is really just a hypothetical scenario.

The world described in this RP is very different from the one we know. Some of the major changes are outlined below.

  • Many major lore characters have died. (See World's End Casualty List)
  • Northern Kalimdor, including Mount Hyjal, is under the near-complete control of the Burning Legion.
  • Southern Kalimdor is under the control of the Qiraji and Silithid.
  • The Nightmare engulfed the Emerald Dream entirely.
  • The Scourge re-took Lordaeron, taking control of the both the Forsaken rebels and the zealous Scarlet Crusade. The latter was reformed under the name of The Sanguine, and are the most feared of any of the Scourge's forces.
  • Deathwing was forced out of hiding, and united several dragonflights under his leadership. They took the kingdom of Khaz Modan from the dwarves, and reside for the most part there.
  • VanCleef formed an alliance with Baron Revilgaz and Mathais Shaw (often called the Triumverate), and overthrew Stormwind. Their organization is known as the Lawless.
  • Varozus and his followers, the Tor Amir'ei, invaded Zul'Gurub and killed Hakkar. Varozus then declared himself the new god of Zul'Gurub.

For a details of how these events happened, please see The Fall.

Current Storylines:

  • Song for the Ancestors - Mavra Amanare, wife of Varozus and Queen of Zul'Gurub, went missing in Southern Kalimdor during the Fall. Varozus has only now gotten news of her fate, and has commandeered his son-in-law's ship to try to make the crossing to Kalimdor.
  • The Most Dangerous Game - While on the way to Kalimdor, they are forced to sail through a storm. Two of the crew are swept off the boat, and find themselves on a small tropical island, where they find a large manor, and enjoy the hospitality of the aging Hemet Nesingwary. However, all is not how it seems...
  • Restoring Order - Syri Sofia Slovotsky has recently arranged for Edwin VanCleef, king of Stormwind, to be killed. She intends to take his place and restore some sort of order to the Lawless.
  • The Scythe of Elune - An Old God has awakened, and has enlisted certain people to retrieve a powerful artifact for him: The Scythe of Elune.

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