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WoWRP is a collaborative writing project to build a comprehensive resource for role-play in Blizzard's popular World of Warcraft massive multiplayer online role-playing game. With your edits, we're able to create a free resource that benefits the role-playing community. WoWRP on Wikia was opened January 25th, 2009 and currently contains 944 articles written, edited, and maintained by our community. Please join us by contributing an article today or by expanding one of the existing articles, or you can even add your own characters, stories and pictures. And remember, registration is free!

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RP servers in WoW

NOTE: These are English-speaking (en-gb) RP servers; Last updated 18-Mar-2012.
Europe (en)
RP: Argent Dawn (EU), Darkmoon Faire (EU), Earthen Ring (EU), Moonglade (EU),
Steamwheedle Cartel (EU), The Sha'tar (EU)
RP-PVP: Defias Brotherhood (EU), Ravenholdt (EU), Sporeggar (EU), Scarshield Legion (EU),
The Venture Co. (EU)
RP: Argent Dawn (US), Blackwater Raiders (US), Cenarion Circle (US), Earthen Ring (US),
Farstriders (US), Feathermoon (US), Kirin Tor (US), Moon Guard (US), Scarlet Crusade (US),
Sentinels (US), Shadow Council (US), Silver Hand (US), Sisters of Elune (US),
Steamwheedle Cartel (US), The Scryers (US), Thorium Brotherhood (US),
Wyrmrest Accord (US)
RP-PVP: Emerald Dream (US), Lightninghoof (US), Maelstrom (US), Ravenholdt (US),
The Venture Co. (US), Twisting Nether (US)

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Long before Draenor fell into shards and empty weaves, one Evarie birthed a daughter under the eaves of Terokkar Forest. This child would be named Aviare.The Broken Ones recovering from the Legion's horrific deeds brought new light to Aviare. They showed her the universe's tapestry of spirits, and guided her down the deep, ancient right of shamanism.Aviare, wary of trusting powers somehow elevated above "mortality," at first resisted their efforts. One shaman, however, called before Aviare a sentient elemental, with whom she spoke deep into the night, before its last motes flickered from the physical plane. Moved by this experience, the young Draenei vowed to become a student of shamanism, and dedicated her practical life to commune with the spirits.She soon developed an affinity with the Broken Ones. As mentors, they would question her every assumption, and teach her the ways of purposeful thought and observation.Beyond anything, the shamans valued experience, without which, nothing could be said of anything. So when Velen and his people at last sought refuge from Outland, Aviare, inspired by her teachers’ words, resolved to join in her race's duty. Thus, after years traveling the Twisting Nether, she came to Azeroth, and continued there her search for truth and wisdom.

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