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WoWRP is a collaborative writing project to build a comprehensive resource for role-play in Blizzard's popular World of Warcraft massive multiplayer online role-playing game. With your edits, we're able to create a free resource that benefits the role-playing community. WoWRP on Wikia was opened January 25th, 2009 and currently contains 944 articles written, edited, and maintained by our community. Please join us by contributing an article today or by expanding one of the existing articles, or you can even add your own characters, stories and pictures. And remember, registration is free!

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RP servers in WoW

NOTE: These are English-speaking (en-gb) RP servers; Last updated 18-Mar-2012.
Europe (en)
RP: Argent Dawn (EU), Darkmoon Faire (EU), Earthen Ring (EU), Moonglade (EU),
Steamwheedle Cartel (EU), The Sha'tar (EU)
RP-PVP: Defias Brotherhood (EU), Ravenholdt (EU), Sporeggar (EU), Scarshield Legion (EU),
The Venture Co. (EU)
RP: Argent Dawn (US), Blackwater Raiders (US), Cenarion Circle (US), Earthen Ring (US),
Farstriders (US), Feathermoon (US), Kirin Tor (US), Moon Guard (US), Scarlet Crusade (US),
Sentinels (US), Shadow Council (US), Silver Hand (US), Sisters of Elune (US),
Steamwheedle Cartel (US), The Scryers (US), Thorium Brotherhood (US),
Wyrmrest Accord (US)
RP-PVP: Emerald Dream (US), Lightninghoof (US), Maelstrom (US), Ravenholdt (US),
The Venture Co. (US), Twisting Nether (US)

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Ximrana "Tainted-Blood" Dreakmore

Ximrana "Tainted-Blood" Dreakmore

The young half-orc had, like most of her kind, a hard and troubled childhood. As she was one of the few half-orc children of the Alterac blood cult known to her as the Dark-Blood Cult. Her father was one of 12 orcs chosen by Gul'dan himself to breed with humans, the reason for this was to create strong children with the powers of both races to survive the Horde or, more correctly, Gul'dan himself.

Her mother was a noble women of Alterac and a devoted follower of the Cult. Her early childhood years where happy and care-free, she was kept within the loving protection of the Cult and treated like a noble. The humans that cared for her believed that her mixed blood was the future of the human race and that she was destined to be a leader or warlock. But those days ended all too fast.

As the betrayal of Alterac was discovered by the Alliance so was the Cult. Next, all the members of the Cult were hunted down by the Silver Hand and put to death. Including her own mother, the half-breeds however were allowed to live only to be tortured because they where believed to know things they did not know.

Many half-orcs died under these sessions. Those who lived became slaves and gladiators that battled to the death for the enjoyment of their human masters. Even more of the half-orcs died this way, but not Xímrana. She was rescued by a Northshire monk, he took her to Northshire and there she was taught that her mothers Cult had been evil. She was also told that she was tainted, that her orc blood defiled her. After coming of age she was allowed to leave.

Soon after that she joined the Horde and found her father.

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Casondrah Farsinger

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