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Wyrmrest Accord is an RP server in the US, on Pacific Standard Time (PST). The server opened on 16 January, 2009.

Though the server population is much lower than servers like Moon Guard, the community prides itself on encouraging open roleplay and keeping roleplay interaction visible and accessible. The community centers around a writing/blog RP site called to share stories, organize events, and discuss roleplay promotion.

RP Guilds on Wyrmrest Accord


  • Covenant An evil- to neutral-themed alliance of mercenaries, deviants, and schemers.
  • House Kyanite A House of crafters and artisans banding together.
  • Kamil te Kar A drug cartel and mafia-style guild.
  • Waterfront Company A freelance mercenary company providing trade, logistics, and protective services.
  • The White Sigil An order of protectors and defenders who safeguard the Alliance from evil.
  • The Greenwell Legion A legionary military force aligned with the goals of aiding the people of the land.


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