Xantippe Shadowlock Wottarackit
Guild Rhyme and Punishment
Gender Female
Race Gnome
Class Warlock
Faction Alliance

Although Xanti might have a dark sense of humour at times, and often sets things on fire by accident, she's mostly a pleasant person to be around.

General Information

  • Age: 61
  • Date of Birth: The 6th of March
  • Marital status: Married to Pepple Wottarackit
  • Occupation: Fashionista, actrice, civilian
  • Languages: Common, Gnomish and Demonic (the latter is mostly just used to manage her demons)
  • Likes: Knowing things, travelling, helping people out
  • Dislikes: Felwood*, Imps (and their nagging), high chairs
  • Nickname(s): Xanti, Kitten, Xanti-pie, the Chicken Lady
    The nickname 'Chicken Lady' finds its origine with an accident in a demonic summoning ritual (*which happened in Felwood). Instead of whatever creature that was supposed to come to her and her team's aid, a gigantic black chicken arose. It would've been utterly hilarious, if the chicken hadn't nearly killed them all.


Determined and usually caring, inquisitive, a bit clumsy, neat, sharp tongue, worries in a motherly fashion but can easily have a good time, and appreciates good sense of humour. Tries to appear composed and in control, but beneath the surface she often isn't. Absolutely loathes anything to do with the Cathedral and generally doesn't deal well with authorities.


At first sight, she looks to be quite normal and doesn't emmediately draw one's attention - which is actually a bit strange as Gnomes are often quite eccentric.

  • Height: Slightly shorter than most of her fellow Gnomes
  • Hair: Dark brown, usually in a ponytail or two buns.
  • Eye color: Bright green.
  • Other Features: Always wears a strangely glowing gem on her necklace.

History (Summarized)

Way in the Past

Raised by her father Yrus, an explorer on behalf of Gnomeregan. Later was tricked by her mother who taught her in the arts of Warlockery. Fights corruption with the help of a mysterious gem and eventually breaks free from her crazy mother. By that time Gnomeregan became overrun and Xantippe was forced to find her own way in the world, which was no easy task. You can read the full background story "Youth of a Not So Ordinary Gnomette" here:

Current Affairs

Even as a mother of three and being happily married at last, Xantippe still finds the time to write and take part in theater plays or other events. In order to protect this life and her family, which she adores, she retired from adventuring and refrains using her fel spells when it can be avoided. The circle of Warlocks may not approve however... What new secrets will spark her curiousity once again?
(More detailed stories on Xanti's adventures are preserved for members on the guild's forums)

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