Yao Zun
Yao Zun
Title Dragon
Gender Male
Race Pandaren
Age 160
Height 5'5"
Weight ~250 lbs
Class Transcendent
Faction Horde
Occupation Twelve Masters Member
Status Alive


Young Life

Yao Zun never knew his real parents, and was raised by Juan Huang and Jin Jing even during his earliest memories.



Jian Huang - Yao Zun's original Master and uncle
Jin Jing - Jian Huang's wife
Zhen Zhen - Jian Huang and Jin Jing's daughter
Xiao Li - Friend and Trinity Member
Gang Jun - Friend and Trinity Member
The Twelve Masters - Yao Zun, Xiao Li, and Gang Jun gathered twelve pandaren martial artists in order to defeat the Hungerer. Since the Hungerer's defeat, the twelve created the Twelve Masters group in order to train and defend the inhabitants of Pandaria. Each of the Twelve specializes in a certain aspect of martial arts: Courage, Wisdom, Power, Ingenuity, Illusion, Spirituality, Speed, Tranquility, Divinity, Concentration, Adaptability, and Harmony.
Aeleus Hengist and Zalden Grimwolf - Yao Zun is Aeleus and Zalden's mentor in the ways of purifying one's self. Originally, Aeleus and Zalden aided Yao Zun and his friends in the Arathi Highlands. Years later when taking their first steps onto Pandaria, Aeleus and Zalden spawned Sha. Not wanting to bring harm to those around them, they sought a way to cease the routine spawning. Yao Zun, sensing this desire, approached the pair and aided them.

Twelve Masters
Dragon: Pyrokinesis | Courage | Yao Zun
Rooster: Levitation / Telekinesis | Wisdom | Xaio Li
Ox: Super Strength / Durability | Power | Gang Jun
Rat: Animation | Ingenuity | Ying Ye
Snake: Invisibility | Illusion | Xiang
Sheep: Astral Projection | Spirituality | Bolin
Rabbit: Super Speed | Speed | Mei Feng
Horse: Healing | Tranquility | Qing Shu
Dog: Immortality | Divinity | Gen Chang
Pig: Lasers | Concentration | Qing Zhao
Monkey: Shapeshifting | Adaptability | Yan Mei
Tiger: Balance | Harmony | Guo He




Odd Habits


Favourite food

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