Guild Unguilded
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Warlock
Faction Alliance

Basic Information

  • Name: Zaran Zeklaus
  • Age: 25
  • Professions: Tailoring and Enchanting.


Has a pet turtle mount called Frank. (Will add the story for this later when I have found it on my PC.)

Background Info

Zaran grew up on a farm in Westfall. She always had a interest in magic and was drawn to things of magical vale and power.

When she was 16 she was coming back home when she came across a dead caped and hooded man in one of the fields. She looked through his bags and found some strange books that she took back to the house. The books where of Shadow and Fire magic, that of a Warlock.

Six months after, Zaran had become able to use some basic shadow magic's. On a normal spring time afternoon Zaran was walking home from the hillsides, where she used to go to practice magic's from the books, to see her father in a argument with officials from Stormwind. They had come looking for the books that Zaran had found.

Zaran later found out that the books had been stolen from Stormwind.

That night there was a fire that destroyed the house and most of the farm. Zaran had got out but her Mother and Father had apparently not. In the coming days she was sent to Northshire Abby to be cared for. She was informed that there where no bodies in the wreckage of the farm so her Parents must still be alive. How much truth there is in this is really unknown, some sources would say they are dead other would not.

Two years later when she was 18 years old she left the Abby and travelled to Stormwind. She picked up the skills of a Tailor and worked in Stormwind for 6 and a half years to come. While doing this she quickly was drawn to The Slaughtered Lamb where she learned the paths of the Warlock and learned to use souls to summon demons from the nether. She when she was 23 she was granted the rights to train younger warlocks as her skills in the arts where good.

Other Stories and History

The Dawn of a New Path

Can be found Here

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