Other Stories and History

The Dawn of a New Path

Six months before the dark portal was re-opened by Doom Lord Kazzak some events took place in Stormwind like this.

The Stormwind guard had been tipped off about a meeting that was going to happen on the outskirts of Goldshire.

Zaran had taken a few of the students and her past master out for a "In the wilds" training night. Needless to say the meeting was stormed by the guard and all 5 of them imprisoned. Two moths later the courts saw to them. The 3 students where let off and the Master was expelled from Stormwind for the rest of his life. He went missing and has yet to be sighted anywhere. Zaran was rejected the right to live within Stormwind or any of the near by territories.

Zaran made her way south after this. She travelled the Jungles of Stranglethorn Vale and ended up in Booty Bay. There she lived for the next three and a half months until she received a message.

Just another day in the Jungle. She was sitting on the docks fishing when a tall blonde haired man walked up behind her and asked her for her name. After some arguing he gave her the letter he had for her and left.

The letter was short it read:

Zaran, We have reason to think Kazzak has found what he was here for and intends to go back to Outland in the next two weeks. This means you can get away from they hell hole of Booty Bay and come to Outland with us. We meet in 2 weeks at the Dark Portal.

The note was not signed.

Zaran was there rather obviously after Kazzak had opened the portal as demons where flooding out of the portal. Who ever sent the note never arrived and as soon as the coast was clear Zaran jumped into the portal.

A few weeks later Zaran arrived in Shattrath where she began working as a Tailor for the Lower City. This job was over quickly and since Zaran has been jobless. She took up looking into the herbs a fungi of Outlands and started trading them for gold for a living.

She was up on the Aldor rise when she saw a new note posed in the Inn. It was a news report on how the Security in Stormwind had dropped due to Stormwind sending most of its troops to Outland. It was not possible for her to be in Stormwind without the constant annoyance of the Guards.

Zaran spends most of her time trading in Stormwind but still lives in Shattrath on the Aldor rise.

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