The first son of Melchamas and Saalane Raa'lar. Zasalathar was believed to have perished after the Draenei's flight from Draenor once the Legion caught up with him and tried him for trechery for joining The Flamewrath Division. Incredibley, he survived the demonic torture and managed to escape into hiding on Draenor.

The effects of many years of demonic torture, let alone practicing demonology beforehand have taken their toll upon Zasalathar, he is now a Broken One.

Extremely disillusioned and crazed, Zasalathar still believes in the Eredun right to rule and now rules The Flamewrath Division. Althoguh few original members survived the purging, what survivng members are now Broken Ones and seek revenge against the Legion for corrupting their form and the Draenei for their original tretchery. Zasalathar also corrupts what Broken and Lost Ones he can find and drafts them into the Flamewrath.

Zasalathar the Mad

Corruption may have gripped his father once, but Zasalathar is still deep in it's grip. He rules the Flamewrath with a maddened and crazed delusion that somehow the "Eredar" he commands will inheret their rightful rule of Draenor.

Although his sanity is questionable. Zasalathar is a very accomplished Warlock. Like his father, his ability to master magic was immense, and he quickly learnt all of the vilest spells. Unlike his father, he never turned away from this magic.

Zasalathar is beyond reason. He attacks most other beings on sight. He holds great prejudice to the Draenei and Demons, and if encountered, he will try to kill them. He does not attack devolved Lost Ones or Broken on sight, instead he offers to let them join his order. If they refuse, he corrupts them and forces them into service.

Zasalathar is rumoured to be in hiding somewhere within Zangarmarsh with what's left of the Flamewrath, plotting whatever foul deeds to satisfy his delusions.

Physical Appearence

Zasalathar was once an elegant Eredar of a purplish skin tone with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail above his crest. Since demonic corruption he now resembles one of the Broken. Many of his features are lost and his skin colour has dulled a great deal. His figure is hunched and squat and he regularly wears a hood, if this is to cover his face, no one knows.

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