Zhalikher Lidenshield
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Zhalikher in his home
Vital statistics
Title The Eternal Duellist
Gender Male
Race Lordaeron Human
Faction Stormwind
Level 68
Status Alive (In a dead way)
Location Cathedral District, Stormwind.

Zhalikher Lidenshield, the Eternal Duellist


Family: Marrath Lidenshield: (Wife, missing) Linra Lidenshield: (Daughter, 21) Parents: (Unknown) Occupation: Adventurer and Blacksmith.

Description: Zhalikher Lidenshield was once a famous adventurer known as the Wandering Duellist, he travelled Azeroth protecting the weak and in search of challenges. He died 14 years ago defending a small village in Lordaeron single-handedly against a mob of bandits lead by a rogue sorcerer. Many years later when the Lich King’s forces were mobilising, his grave was robbed. Nothing was taken except his two legendary rune-swords, Aesk and Kaen, and the body itself.

It was later found out, that he had been resurrected and was used as a puppet of the Scourge, a bloodthirsty Death Knight, and he was a very powerful Death Knight indeed. It was said that in the battle of Lights Hope Chapel that civilians fled as they recognised the Wandering Duellist fighting for Arthas.

Like many of the Death Knights he was freed from Arthas’ cause by Tirion Fordring at Lights Hope Chapel. He made his way to Elwynn forest and pledged his loyalty to the Alliance. In Goldshire Inn he made some unlikely friends of two Warriors, a Gnome and a Human, Driva and Zyr. As well as a mysterious Night Elf Hunter, named Marrath.

He later found out that Marrath was in fact his wife from when he was alive. She had heard that the Wandering Duellist was alive once more and seeked him out. He then regained his memories from life, of who he was. Almost a month later his daughter, whom was presumed deceased also appeared, no longer a girl but a young woman.

Currently, after fighting against the group known as Darkness Incarnate, his wife disappeared; his sole purpose right now is to find his missing wife.


Zhalikher is a Frost(DPS) Death Knight of level 64. He is played by the user: Zhalikher.




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