Guild Last Stand
Gender Male
Race Troll
Class Mage
Faction Horde


  • Full name: Zucaljun Revantusk
  • Age: 53
  • Hometown: Revatusk Village, the Hinterlands
  • Languages spoken: Troll, Orcish
  • Loyal to: The Last Stand, The Horde, The Revantusk tribe, The Second Gurubashi Empire

Short Background

Zucaljun, son of Zerkajun, was born and raised in Revantusk Village on the shores of the Hinterlands. Before the Horde came in to the picture, the Revantusks led a relatively peaceful life of hunting, fishing and fighting the heretic troll worshippers of Shadra, the spider queen. This was no major war though, mostly just scalping who they'd pass.

Aged 22, Zucaljun decided to leave the Village and travel Azeroth. The many great tales of the Amani Empire inspired his first location, Lordaeron. For months he roamed the Human lands of Tirisfal and the southern highland. He met both Witherbark and Mossflayers on his way, many with great stories of trollish past. This also gave him his first peek of magic. He stayed with the Witherbarks of Arathi for a long time, living of fishing, while he was taught in the ways of the spirits and elements by their elders.

2 years after he first left home, he left Lordaeron to travel south, to Stranglethorn Vale, home of the great Gurubashis. As a changed troll, he started to hunt with his new found powers. The great troll spirits, known as the Loa, guided his hands when he blasted down beast by beast. Especially the flame fit well in his hands, and so it became his call.

Fire. Control it fully, and you will kill the strongest foe. Lose control and the world around is destroyed.

He reached Stranglethorn during some of the roughest of times. Not only was it a rainy season, the Bloodscalp and Skullsplitter Tribes were more aggressive than ever. They had recently declared war, resulting in the loss of many troll lives, every day. Zucaljun, who had never seen trolls fight eachother like that, decided to keep distance and stay as neutral with both tribes as possible. That wasn't so easy though. The two tribes were the biggest in Stranglethorn at the time, and they were both barbaric. The Darkspears, another large tribe residing in the Vale, wasn't as aggressive, so their small village became Zucaljuns new home.

Twenty years he stayed. He kept practicing his magic, and eventually he became the strongest Firecaller in the little village. Several children was born with Zucaljun as father, but at the end of the day he didn't love any of them. He was a Revantusk and the Darkspear Village was a temporary home. He therefore decided to leave the village the day he turned 46. And it was obvious where he was going.


((Later years soon to come. And this time soon means soon.))

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