Zul'fan Darkspear
Guild Court Of The Sun
Gender Male
Race Troll
Class Hunter
Faction Horde


A lanky Troll hunter, with ritual voodoo carvings on most of his upper body. Seen wearing crimson armor. When in the wilds often seen with his Wolf companion (named Blackfang), though the Wolf tends to stay away from large gatherings of people. Especially Blood Elves.


A Troll of the Darkspear Tribe, Zul'fan believed his family -consisting of his parents and elder brother- dead.

He was to find out later that his parents, at least, were still alive...But no longer Darkspears; They had joined the Atal'ai.

At the time, he was a part of a society in The Horde known as The Sanctuary. He left them to find his parents, and persuade them out of serving the Atal'ai.

He found them unwilling to change their ways, and saw no other option than to murder the both of them in their sleep. After this, Zul'fan was in a state of severe confusion and delirium. He was taken in by the Revantusk Tribe, though nobody knows how he made it from the Stranglethorn Vale to the Revantusk Village.

Upon recuperation, Zul'fan worked for a while for the Revantusk as a Headhunter.

When he came back to Orgrimmar, he learned from his dear friend -and object of his love- Alalaya, that she had been taken slave by a band of Blood Elves who called themselves the Court of the Sun. He sought out the leaders of the Court, demanding Alalaya's immediate release. However, in a moment of distraction, a Warlock named Morgania cast a succession of spells on Zul'fan, bending his will to theirs, enslaving him.

Recent events has seen Zul'fan Vakin'Jero freed of the grasp of the Court Of The Sun, and seeking refuge among the remnants of the Gurubashi Empire. 


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Warning; These stories are best read in the same order they are posted. First story is from a period of time where Zul'fan was in the guild The Sanctuary at a time much nearer the starting date of Moonglade-EU , and as you progress in the stories, Zul enters the Court Of The Sun.

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