"Zythaar" Eredin Olennman (real first name not known)
File:Zythaar Eredin Olennman.jpg
Guild The Veiled Covenant
Gender Male
Race Half-Elf (Forsaken)
Class Warlock
Faction Independant (serves the Burning Legion)


Zythaar was born in Dalaran. His father was Yilsar Olennman, a Human, and his mother was Ilsari Crimsondawn, a High Elf. He was brought up into a society of magic, and rose up the ranks of Dalaran quickly, although he had to pose as a Human to avoid prejudice. Soon, he met a Human woman by the name of Rielle Pingrad. He quickly observed her firey nature and near-flawless beauty. He saw in her a kindred spirit, determined and, perhaps, rather impatient. He realized that he had fallen in love with her. Not wanting to end up like many other over-confident would-be wizards (most of whom were set on fire), he was methodical in his wooing of her. After a while, Rielle reciprocated his feelings, and their relationship flourished. Together, they grew in power and influence more quickly than ever before. Zythaar even made it onto the Council of the Kirin Tor itself. His life was at its peak, or so he thought. After only three years of knowing Rielle, he proposed to her. She accepted without hesitation. After a few years, he revealed to her his Elven heritage, but she didn't mind in the slightest. After all, she loved him. Then the Orcs came. As the First War began, Zythaar and Rielle became seperated. They were saddened, but they did not let this distract them from duty. Tragically, Rielle was killed during a battle in the Black Morass. Zythaar does not know this to this day. Zythaar fought also in the Second and, most importantly, the Third Wars. When Archimonde destroyed Dalaran, Zythaar managed to escape, only to be hunted down by a platoon of the Scourge. However, those who are killed by the Scourge tend not to remain dead. Zythaar was immediatelty raised as an Undead warrior. He survived (?) until the rise of the Forsaken, although the realization of his curent state drove him mad. After breaking away from the Scourge, Zythaar decided that Arcane magic had failed him in life, and began to follow the path of the Warlock.


Zythaar was driven mad when he realized he was Undead. He has a multitude of split personalities that are nigh impossible to categorize. Typically, however, he is violent and psychotic, though is able to repress these emotions when necessary. He still retains his love for Rielle, although it is deep, deep inside him. Zythaar has a hatred of all races apart from Humans, Blood Elves, and Forsaken Undead.

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